Company Overview

Founded in 1976, Hydro-Klean originally began as an equipment supplier and started performing local contract services a few years later. A lot has changed since then. Hydro-Klean is now strictly a service provider serving over 20 individual market niches with specialized services to meet a wide range of industrial, municipal and environmental needs. Hydro-Klean performs services to both private industry and public entities.

Service Area
Hydro-Klean provides services mostly in the middle two-thirds of the United States. Sometimes our specialized talents and capabilities take us outside this region to provide our clients unique value that isn't available locally.

The company's founding principles remain our guiding light today. The relationships with our employees, customers, suppliers and the regulatory community are all highly valued and interdependent. All deserve respect, appreciation and loyalty. Hydro-Klean's reputation is our main asset which we also value a great deal.

Qualified Leadership
A true team of professionals manages Hydro-Klean. The education, experience and integrity of the people on Hydro-Klean's management team make our company a leader in its industry and a trusted resource. Be confident that Hydro-Klean services are competent, organized and efficient.

Professional Service
The service team of Hydro-Klean are the people who directly serve our clients. We take great pride in the selection, training, and dedication of the finest group of people in our industry. They are willing to travel, work long hours, weekends and holidays to help make our customers' businesses successful.

Regulatory Commitment
We operate Hydro-Klean in complete compliance with health & safety, employment, transportation, environmental and revenue standards. Beyond that, we are morally committed to doing the right thing every time, no exceptions.

Company Summary
Hydro-Klean LLC
Number of Employees
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333 Nw 49th Pl
Des Moines, IA